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the city that's ow under of faulty tickets. and... three higns you can do to keep your holiday credit card biil... from getting too big this year. 3 3 33 thursday, november 15tt. 3 33 3 3
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&pa mother a mother conttnuessto fight
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foo her life this morning after being critically injured pn a shooting at her west baltimooe home.her two sons attack.megan gilliland is live from shock trauma where she is being treated as the invvstigaaion intensifies. good morring guys,the mother ps in here at this hour... right now... police are not releasing her identify... to protect her... s the case is stiil under investigation. invessigation.the earch is on for the suspect who shot her and kklled her happpned on est lafayytte avvnue at whitmore avenue around 9-30 last tuesday night. dettctives say the victtms were in the house when at least threeemen forced their &pway inside with a uu.kklling his brother, 23-year old allen horton.a bullet struck their mothhr in the hand and face. neighbors watched as she was rushed intt &pan ambulance.
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t.c. 11:44:57 (jones) "when ii came to he door, as i'm standiig ere talking to you last night and they were putting the young man in the ambulance, the spirit just led me to pray for him. and i god just cover him cause i can &premember a time when my son got shot and i know wwoever child ttaa was, they could pfel that pain that i fell." felt."a familyyfriend tood us theebrothers who died... each say the mother also has a third school-age son. again, police are calling this a home invasion.find out why ttey believe this family was attacked... coming up next half hourr live from shock trauma, i'm megan gilliland, p severn man... acquitted in a hit--an-run that left two teens dead... ii now in again.reuben dunn is facing 7 news charges... related to drugs, theft and aprill he was acquitted of killing 16-year-old courtney angeles and 17-year-old emerald &psmith... while they weree walking cross the street in downtown baltimore.the jurr saiddit waa unable to determine whether it was ddnn or his girlfriend driving.the families of the victims say theee latest chargee come as a
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relief. "this is a man wwo is a repeat offender, judgessneed to recognize it, i hope he gets the bbok ttrown at him" him"both mothers say they plann pn being attdunn's next court appearaace. maryland becomes one off49 states... petitioning to withdraw from the uuion. union.the nationwide movemeet started in esponse to presiddnt obama's re-election. it's all being done through an open forum section of allows citizens to create petitions aaout anything... and get an official resppnse from the white house... if they reach 25-thousandd supporting signatures! maryland's petition for gaining team. 16:49 if marrlaad were to becomeeitt own counttryy t's still going to be a one party country, and i woulln't like thaa either 56 561249 i think that the united ssates of americc ii the greetest country in the world and it's that way because ii's united ssates, so it should probably stay uniteddstates laughs 58 58maryland'' petition remains
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short of the 25-thousand mark. some may thiik maryland leaving tte unitee states s state would ake a áhugeááhit because of hhw tied maryland is to the feddraa governmenn. governmmnt.marrlann is thee recipiint of federal money per capita.the only states ahead alaska.roughly 3- federal wookers... which means if we left the u-s... they'd job.maryland also receives a johns hopkins university . receives a billion dollars each year... jjst for ressarch mitt romney claims to have figured out what cost him the house.the former republican that president obama won re- election... because he promised so-called "gifts" to minorities and young voters. yesterday durrngga phonn call with somm of rooney's top donors.he said that the president's campaign focussd - contrrccpttves to woo youug
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women... and amnesty for children of illegal immigraats to push hiipanics to the polls. ooe offromney's biggess supporrers, louisiana governor bobby jinddl, quickly shot down the dea. "i absolutely reject thaa notion, that escription. i think that's absolutely wronn. i don't think that represents where we are as a party and where ww're going as a parry. moss undamental takeaways he - from this election." eeection."jindal went on to say forrthe g-o-p to be competitive in future elections... it must go after quote... "100 percent of thee rrferring to earlier this year... when romney was caughtt on camera saying that 47- percenn of amerrcann were "victims" who ere "dependent" on the government. washington lawmakers want to know everything there is to know about september's deadly consulate attack n bbnghazi,, thee're holding plosed door hearingg in hopes shade shows us what we could ex. expect. --reporrerrpkg-as follows -- several of washinggon'' power
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players will be on captioo hillltoday, expecting to be grilled about the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya.u-s ambassador, chris stevens, and three other americcns were illed in the september 11-th assault.former cia director david pptraeus is schedulee to address the senate house innelligence committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question afterrhis sudden resignaaton understands and was there during the time whhn the benghazi events ccurred."ssme republicans ave bben going afterru-n ammassador susan riie.affer the violenne, she saad intelligence pointed tooa spontaneous... not pre-plannee attack.senator john mccain senaaor lindsey graham just doeen't trust her..nd the peason i don't trust her is because i think she knew better and if she didn't knoww better, she shouldn't beethe vooce of america. president baaack obama had a message to the senators in rice'' defense. if senator mcccin and senator ggrham and others want to go afttr me. and i'm happy toogo -
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have that iscussion with them. the senators oppose rrce possibly being nominatee to seerrtary of state to replace hillary clinton and say they will do whatever they can tt block it.senator rand paull says he's no fannof rice, but there are biggee issues at play.the more important no marines guarding our &pambassador? whh made that decision, is likely to be discussed uring these hearings.i'm martha shade reporting.-----end----- cnn.sccipt----- paula broadwell... the woman attthe center of tte scandal that took down c-i-a director david petraeus... is without &pher military securrty clearances, right now..hey have been suspended pending an a military intelligence reservist and wasspromoted tt the rank of lieutenant colonel in august.earlier this week, tte f---i rriddd hee home she ended up with military s documents after taking them from a govvrnmmnt building. broadwell denied aaccssing the relationship with petraeus.the
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f-b-i is tryiig to decide whether tt charge her with a crime. today'' hearing for colorado movie theater shooting suspect pamms holmes... is posttponed. requested the delay after the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury, yeeterday.holmes is accused of killing 12 eople and wounding 58 during a midnight scceening of the batman film "thh dark knight rises" this past july.the hearing ii now set for the foundation created by disgraced ycliss lance armstrong has dropped his name... n the wake of a doping scandal.for years... the lance armstrong foundation &phas been informally known as liveetrong.armstrong founded the charity in 19-97 after testiiular cancer. he stepped down from tth ooganization last month after u-ss report clliming armstrong was involved in dopinggduring his career.his fouudation wwll now officially be known as the "livvstrong foundation". are you our biggest fan?then
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you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll picc one of ourr viewers frommour ffcebook page... and feature them on fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. coming up on the early edition... police in harford county are ánotá laughiig ovvr a youtube video... of a dangerous stunt. stunn.(sundia)"its great.. ya know not heee in bel air... lau" laagg!!!!"the risky stunt ptaged on main street in bel air. 3 &p((break 1)) ((break 1)) [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat?
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inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announcer ] audi once again has created le mans history! [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. take advantage of exceptional values on the audi a8 during the season of audi event. ♪ during the season of audi event. ((bump in)) 3 oneeof tte morr unique oliiay traditions is underway in cclumbia this morning. nearly 700 plants are beiig transformed into somethiig else.... oel d. smith is
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live at the "mall in columbia" properly say "poinsettia" -3 d.od morning joel d. 3 3 3
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3 ((traffic repprttr addlibs)) map 395 map 40 luberty map
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still to come... keep credit card bills under conttol... season.the safe spenddng ttps... that will prevent your balaace from ballooning. "i just think its great people are doing crazy stuff in bel air.. cause this town needs a llttle more crazz..." craay..."a dangerous stunt... that police don't find funny. &pstunt... ttat police don't find fuuny.the new you-tube sensation... harford couutyy authoritiis re looking for. ((break 2))
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3 he calls himself 'evil kenevil of bel air but police in harforr county are not amused. the brazen biker... who has - beeome a youtube sensation. sensation. (bells of courthouse-nats) there's moreethen just the wheels of justice spinning at the harford county courthouse.... (go tight on u ttbe videe nats motorcycle) this youtube video shows this motorcyclist wearing a cape.... as he prepares for a jump. (woman watchinn)"oh i see the ramps..." from hee own set of wheels, (laugh vvry wide shht)(((quick nat pop))) sundia watches the video on a goes...-- (voice only)"ok hes gonna get the speed he needs" (show jump on utube and nats up and saas nice.. laugging..." police say the jumper broke a number of laws.... ann
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ppople have just as manyy opinionn... about the performance. (womma mos)"just a daredevil... laugh" (kid with hat- mos)"the rampp was about this tall to go overr it so.. just as tall as me so.. laugh"(man mos)"i ttink itsskinda crazy!" again... the jump... on a sidewalk... clearly illeeal and dangerous.... "i just think pts greet people are doing crazy stuff in bee ir.. cause crazy..."so far the self proclaimed evil kenevil of bel air has not beenncauuht. (cairns)"there are security cameras... gathered outside." (women mos)"im surprised they could get it done withouttany &pintervennion from police..around laugh" intervention ffommit done without any surprised hey could get (women mos)"im gathered outside."security cameras... gathered outside." (women mos)"im surprissd they inttrvention from without any police..around laugh" (sundia)"its great.. ya dont see that very ooten (sundda)"its great.. ya police..around laugh" intervention frommit one wiihout any intervention fromm police..around laughh (sundia)"its great.. ya dont not here in bel air... know - laugh!!!!"on main st (beep beep pedestrian crossing)in bel air kc fox 45 crossing) (beep beep pedeetrian on main st on main st (beep beep &ppedestrian crossing)ii bel ai although the althhugh the stunt took place
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putside the harford county sherifffs office.deputiis ay it's not tteir jurisdiction. they say bel ir police are in charge. however our phone calll to that department requesting an iiterview were not returned. straight ahead... reign in -yo. spending.the best ways to make sure you don't go overboard. ((break 3))
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[ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at a suuvey from retailers finds have already starteddtheir s holiday shopping. a credit card can bb a useful tool, as long as you don't let that balance get out of hand. karin spending. --reporter pkg-as follows -- the season ffr spending is upon us and year after year, consumers the ddngers of holiday debt.but resppnsible spending doesn't credit cards on ice. if you'vv got a attached, between spending, credit card expert beverly hhrzog says this is the make it work for can even ptart using those rewards points to buy gifts so it really is a good idea to use your cards, as long as you long as you keep track of what yyu're spendinggwhether using credit or cash. make a budget,
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and don't wait until year to see if you stuck to it. re- evaluate spending regularly. beware the allure of the retailer's credit card.tte positive that they try to sell you on at the get 10 or 15 yoo enticing, but it's still a good idea to rrad that credit will clue you in on theecard's which can make a little polidaa debt a lot bigger if not paid off right something to keep in mind for any holiday purchase on credit. cnn.script----- more and more more nd more peoole are using
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theer smartphones to shop... and ttat trend is expected to increase this holiday season.a new survey finds 55-percenn of ssoppers own smartppones them for holiday shopping this smartphone users are planning to sppnd abbut 14-hundred dollarr a piece on gifts. another benefit of using a smart phone.... shoppers can chhck and compare prices almost instantly. coming up... a city us driver caught on camera... fighting with a passenger. worker iss etting from m-t-a police. 3
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toddlers and i-pads.why some say they are becoming addictee to the devices. tonight on fox 45 3 3 it'' our fox45

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